Melynda von Wayward is a creative woman who is passionate about the arts, cultural community development, Mother Earth, her partner and her son. 

Over the past twenty+ years  Melynda has re-invented herself as a Professional Theatre Worker, Arts Manager, Creative Producer, Photographer, Researcher, Historian, Fashion Stylist, Writer, Therapist and Mother. 

Melynda is the creator of a multimedia research and archival website about the history pf the Melbourne punk scene called Punk Journey: The History of the Melbourne Punk Scene (1977-1987)In 2014 Melynda curated Punk Journey: St Kilda + Beyond - an exhibition that documented St Kilda as the epicentre of the Melbourne punk scene from 1977-1987. Melynda has also self-published a book called Punk a Photographic Journey: 2004 - 2007 - an 80 page photographic book that captures and celebrates the colour, style and attitude of the  contemporary Melbourne (Australia) punk scene.

Melynda has also set up a not for profit organisation called the Society of Australian Punk (SOAP) to represent and support research and projects focusing on Australian punk subculture from 1977 until today. 

Melynda von Wayward is an  eclectic woman who has always been attracted to the alternative aspect of life, from the world of the creative arts to the subculture of punk.  

Melynda considers herself to be a bit of a stylish chameleon when it comes to the way that she presents herself to the world.  She loves to explore fashion and change her look on a continual basis. 

Melynda is also a micro-philanthropist and has created a giving circle called the Wayward Woman Giving Fund, with a focus on encouraging women to become micro-philanthropists and support projects created by individuals and other not for profit organisations that support Women, Children, the Arts and the Environment. It is Melynda's goal to make a positive difference in the world, in whatever way that she can.

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