Melynda von Wayward is a creative, passionate, motivated and eclectic woman.  Over the past 30 years  Melynda has re-invented herself as a Stage and Production Manager, Lighting Designer, Arts Manager, Creative Producer, Photographer, Subculture Researcher and Historian, Curator, Fashion Stylist, Writer, Therapist and Mother. 

Melynda is the creator of Punk Journey - a multimedia website about the history pf the Melbourne punk scene. In 2014 Melynda curated Punk Journey: St Kilda + Beyond - an exhibition that documented St Kilda as the epicentre of the Melbourne punk scene from 1977-1987. Melynda has also self-published a book called Punk a Photographic Journey: 2004 - 2007 - an 80 page photographic book that captures and celebrates the colour, style and attitude of the  contemporary Melbourne (Australia) punk scene.

Melynda has also set up a not for profit organisation called the Society of Australian Punk (SOAP) to represent and support research and projects focusing on Australian punk subculture. 

Melynda considers herself to be a bit of a stylish chameleon when it comes to the way that she presents herself to the world.  She loves to explore fashion and change her look on a continual basis. 

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